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Other Services

First Thought offers multiple other services that aren't listed here. Take a look at what we have in store as an add-on to one of our primary services.
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Content Marketing

Writing quality content is crucial in order to succeed. We'll help take the headache out of writing both short and long form on-page material.
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Relevant and important content creates an engaged audience.

Build thought leadership, increase brand awareness and affinity, and generate new business efficiently with our business content marketing programs.

In order to be effective, you need high-quality content that easily explains the services your business offers in a language your prospective leads easily understand. Meeting your leads where they are and on a playing field they are familiar with is an essential part of marketing your business. There are basically two types of written content:

Evergreen: Persistent, well-written content that describes your products/services, your team, and your experience. Evergreen content includes things like case studies, frequently asked questions, and other forms of downloadable content.

Time-Sensitive: These tend to be specific trending topics that are “newsworthy” but are not as likely to continue to drive traffic over time as evergreen content is intended to. Rather, in a time-sensitive piece of content, you will want to direct readers back to evergreen content. The most common forms of this type of content are blogs, news articles, reactionary pieces (op-eds), press releases, and blogs. Content marketing is a strategic approach that revolves around creating and distributing high-intent, relevant content to attract and retain clearly defined audiences.
Content marketing refers to the creation of content to attract potential leads - to your website, social and other channels with the specific purpose of developing and strengthening your relationship and converting them into leads. Effective content takes many forms - written articles, blogs, press releases, podcasts, videos, e-books, essential guides, webinars, and more.

When successfully designed and deployed, content marketing campaigns can help businesses acquire and retain new leads in an exceptionally cost-effective manner. First Thought Marketing’s experts can help your business efficiently drive leads and nurture them into new customers.

Request a free marketing assessment below and discover how First Thought Marketing’s content marketing services can help your business meet its marketing goals.
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Outbound & Referral

The act of conducting manual marketing via email and/or having existing customers refer new clients/business.

What does our outbound & referral marketing service entail?

Properly optimized outbound prospecting can help businesses reach and engage new leads on a larger scale. It’s not enough to sit back and wait for your ideal leads to find your business, and most business owners don’t have much time to spend networking themselves. First Thought Marketing’s outbound lead solutions help businesses identify, interact with, and convert their targeted prospects through innovative tele-prospecting, social media, and email approaches.

With a proven prospecting methodology, First Thought’s outbound sales specialists work with business partners to ensure their calendars are full of qualified new business meetings, and that their time is not wasted on inefficient prospecting activities.

Request a free marketing assessment and discover how First Thought Marketing’s outbound and referral marketing services can enhance your business’s digital presence, and allow you to capture and close more qualified leads.
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Areas of Expertise

First Thought has numerous areas of expertise that work in synchronicity with each other.