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How It All Began

couple in wedding attire on a rooftop in new york city
My name is Klint Brown, and I am a graduate of Washington State University. For those who don’t know me, it’s a pleasure to share my life with you. I am a 27-year-old entrepreneur born and raised in eastern Washington (state - I’ve learned that living on the East Coast makes you clarify) and recently a transplant to Brooklyn, New York.

I have dreamed of living in New York City since I was 12 years old and thanks to my fiancé, Lillian Shaffer, my dream has become my reality. I have two incredibly dorky dogs, Peanut and Lacey, that bring endless laughs and joy.

I spent four years at Washington State University to finish with a piece of paper that has declared me a knowledgeable individual in the field of marketing and advertising. With that paper, I chose to explore the digital aspects of the marketing industry through Search Engine Optimization/Management (SEO/SEM), Paid Search & Social Ad Campaigns, Content Marketing, Copywriting, Outbound & Referral Marketing, and my personal favorite, UX/UI Design and Website Creation.
couple in wedding attire on a rooftop in new york city
First Thought Marketing was born from an inkling of an idea. I chose to begin this endeavor because I came to the realization that I thoroughly enjoy working for myself. The thought of producing work that helps people grow their businesses to the potential that they desire is something that I have dreamt of for quite some time now. The ability to work on my own accord and do what I thoroughly enjoy every day is something that few can say that they achieve; let alone succeed in.

Thus, here we are. A new venture; forged in the principles of timeliness, freedom, and financial endeavor. First Thought Marketing is here to help you grow your business’s online presence through carefully directed digital marketing campaigns, as well as having a properly optimized, branded, and functional website to operate on a daily basis and customers to enjoy.

No matter your view, everyone who begins their own business wants it to be successful and thrive. Though better late than never to join in, the early bird gets the worm. I am excited to bring my expertise to the table and help you grow your business.
Let's grow together to be aFirst Thought.
Not the afterthought.

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