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How can paid media services boost your business's revenue?

Prospective leads want to engage with a credible, professional, and knowledgeable business, and often make that determination based on their brand and digital presence. Since a prospect’s first impression is so important, businesses must ensure that their website and digital presence exceed the prospect’s expectations in order to establish a credible connection.

First Thought Marketing’s website and branding services are designed to help businesses develop a professional digital presence that converts curious web visitors into engaged prospects. Through proven conversion optimization tactics and brand enhancement strategies, our design team can help your business build the captivating brand that the modern digital consumer demands.
It is likely that you have tried some form of paid media marketing in the past - either through the use of another marketing business or perhaps testing it yourself with a limited budget.  It is also very likely that this effort was not as successful as you had hoped.

We believe that our success when working with our leads is at its foundation all about the sophisticated analytic and measurement tools that we use from the onset of our paid media marketing services engagement.

Our analysts are business believers in the mantra  “If you don’t measure it, you can’t improve it.” We will help you with the following:

• Finding keywords that will work best to trigger audience engagement

• How best to create targeted audiences for your specific campaign, and

• How to analyze results to continually improve performance

The most successful paid media marketing campaigns are constantly managed and reviewed for performance.  We work with you to understand how you like to consume information and your preferred reporting cadence, and we adjust our reporting to meet your needs.

Our Expertise

Webflow Web Design

Carefully crafted, interactive, and intuitive web sites designed with the power of Figma & Webflow. Built with responsiveness and SEO in mind for your business.

Our Expertise

Search Engine Optimization

White label local and national SEO services to ensure that your brand is found organically through every aspect of the interweb.

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UX and UI Design

Using the power of Figma, Miro, and other industry standard software, we'll ensure that your brand is just as, if not more, visually appealing as you desire.

Our Expertise

Paid Media Services

Professionally certified on Google, Facebook, and Hubspot, we'll help grow your brand with a more targeted approach through paid search and/or social campaigns.

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A la Carte

Not quite sure what you're looking for? Maybe you want a little bit of everything? A la carte allows you to pick and choose from the various services we offer.